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Average 70% Lower Cost at Your Miracle CLINIC

High Quality & Affordable Dental Treatment in Istanbul

Our team at YOUR MIRACLE CLINIC is here to meet all of your smile needs. We do all of our work in-house, so we never have to refer you to another practice if you are thinking about dental implants. If you are concerned about finances, ask our team about our flexible payment options. We have a safe and relaxing dental clinic, which is located in Istanbul. Call +972 52 47 55 312 to visit us, today!


Flexible Care Delivery Models

Smile Design

Everything starts at Your Miracle CLINIC

Happiness starts,
with an Excellent Smile

At YOUR MIRACLE CLINIC, we offer you dental implants, crowns, dental veneers and other aesthetic dental applications in order to make you look at the world with a perfect smile.

Our dental treatments include dental check-up, smile design, all on four, all on six, full set of veneers, smile makeover, dental implants, sinus lifting, laminate veneers, composite laminate, ceramic crown, zirconium crown, e-max crown, inlay-onlay ceramic and composite, root canal treatment, fiber post, gingivectomy, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening.

What Our Patients Say

'' In a word, an amazing team. Thank you to all our doctors and specialists for providing the best medical experience i've had in my entire life. Finally, I got my teeth done, and I reached the smile that I forgot for 10 years. I'm smiling and happy again. I would definitely recommend, i can't thank you enough for what you did ''
Can Aydin
Your Miracle Clinic Istanbul
'' A friendly and very caring team. They do the examination and x-ray free of charge and give a price according to the condition of your teeth, I definetely recommend the cost of the treatment was less than other clinics. ''
Mehmet Kocabiyik
Your Miracle Clinic Istanbul
'' you are a great doctor, thank you very much. Thank you very much to your team for their interest. You are awesome! ''
Tuğba Yıldırım
Your Miracle Clinic Istanbul
'' It is a clinic that should be a set of example for others, to provide like them same great care for the patient, top quality of dental treatments applied, and the most important its decent place, it's great to get the best service by the young and experienced doctors in Miracle clinic. ''
Yusuf Kaplan
Your Miracle Clinic Istanbul
'' I’ve been going through complicated dental process, I'm just amazed by the professionalism and friendliness. Every visit is like visiting friends. I couldn’t be happier with the outstanding results. ''
Hiba Tabbara
Your Miracle Clinic Istanbul
'' I've reached so many clinics in Istanbul before meeting with Miracle clinic. I have been to other that exaggerated what my needs were in order to make more money. It was a relief working with Miracle Clinic to find such a clinic with integrity, the team is so helpful and the doctor was so honest and straight forward. I got what i needed. ''
Ihab S.
Your Miracle Clinic Istanbul

Your Dream Smile in 4 Simple Steps

Our doctors always in service 24/7 to provide you the best teeth care service. Book your free online consultation now

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Share with us your dental problems

Schedule the time/ date you prefer to provide us with information regarding your desired smile and the dental problems you have on your free dental consultation
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Treatment plan and Proposal

Once we get your dental x-ray and information needed about you, we will get return back to you in 24 hours. Your Miracle Clinic's doctors will assess in your case and your treatment plan will be prepared the way that suits you expectations
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Travel to Istanbul

Once your the trip date is settled, we'll make your airport transfer, hotel reservation, city tour and sightseeing (if desired) When you arrive, your treatment will be done as planned.
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Check ups / Follow ups

Your check-ups will be performed before the return date by our doctors and Your Miracle Clinic Team will ensure that your dental needs are taken care of. We will provide you with 100% medical direct support 24/7

Schedule your online Appointment or Call us For In-house Visit

Look Your best, Feel your best with your miracle clinic ! Our Friendly Staff are ready to answer your queries 24/7


We increase the health and quality of life of our patients by achieving effective results in oral and dental treatments with our correct diagnosis and correct treatment services. We are waiting for you at our clinic to make your dream smile come true together.

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