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It is a specialty of dentistry that diagnoses and controls the compatibility relations of mismatched and crooked teeth, tries to prevent this situation and treats it.

Overview about Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of inappropriate positions of teeth and jaws. Although it is popularly known as the correction of crooked or crooked teeth, the area it covers is much wider than these.

The poor closure, characterized by the irregular alignment of the teeth, and the recognition of jaw-facial bone disorders date back to Hippocrates. The science of orthodontics, which is the oldest specialty of dentistry, is a very important point today in solving these questions.

Since crooked and poorly positioned teeth affect the aesthetic appearance and are more difficult to clean, it can cause premature loss of teeth due to gingival diseases and tooth decay.



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The treatment method is decided by considering the age of the patient for disorders such as the lower jaw being anterior or posterior. If the patient is in adolescence and the lower-upper jaw structure is behind, it can be treated with orthodontic techniques.

If the patient is an adult, the treatment of skeletal disorders is carried out in cooperation with orthodontics and surgery. Depending on functional disorders, for example; Jaw mismatch can be observed in cases such as mouth breathing. In a person who breathes through the mouth, the upper part of the chin will be narrow, so it will be in a V form.

Situations that should not be done and habits such as using bottle and pacifier for a long time, thumb sucking, nail biting can cause orthodontic disorders . These habits should be treated as early as possible.

The prevention of these habits at an early age is important for the completion of skeletal development.

Conditions such as the tongue being larger than it should be and the presence of extracted tooth spaces also cause gaps in the teeth. If the jaw structure to which the teeth are attached is small and the teeth are large; teeth do not fit in the jaw and crowding occurs.

Early or late loss of primary teeth can also cause crooked teeth. Instead of the milk teeth that fall out of the mouth prematurely, the permanent tooth in the mouth slides into this space. As the teeth that need to come out cannot find a place for themselves, crowding occurs.

Orthodontic treatment not only carries aesthetic concerns, but also aims to prevent gum diseases that may be encountered in the future, to prevent problems in the jaw joint, to provide chewing functionality and to eliminate this problem of individuals with speech disorders .

According to the existing orthodontic problem in the mouth, treatment methods can be determined with removable appliances, functional appliances and fixed appliances. Simple orthodontic problems that are not in advanced stages can be solved with rubber removable appliances that the patient can use by putting on and taking off.

It is of great importance that reinforcing treatments are not neglected in order to prevent the reversal and deterioration of the treatments after the termination of primary orthodontic treatments . Different appliances that work passively can be used for this period. The branch of orthodontics works in continuous cooperation with other sub-branches of dentistry.

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