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Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

It is a treatment method applied to save the natural tooth by removing the bacteria and tissues in the pulp and roots that are infected due to caries or trauma.

Overview about implant treatment

The pulp tissue is a connective tissue containing nerves and vessels in the inner part of the tooth that provides nutrition and protection of the tooth.

Pulp tissue is disturbed for some reasons (traumas, bruising, abrasions, etc.) Usually the symptom is severe pain.

The pulp is disturbed and root canal treatment is needed. Root canal treatment is a very complicated procedure. The anatomy of each tooth is different. Although root and canal numbers are known by general rules, they may differ.

All channels are emptied with the help of hand tools and rotary tools, and the channels are shaped to make them easy to fill. It is washed with various solutions and filled in such a way that there are no gaps.Sometimes it is a single session, sometimes it takes several sessions.

In addition, sometimes old root canal treatments are performed again, corrected and refilled. With this process called re-treatment treatment, it is tried not to lose the tooth.



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Root canal treatment is a treatment method used to prevent the extraction of a tooth that has been damaged by deep caries or external factors or has an inflammatory reaction, and to repair that tooth. It is the process of cleaning the inflamed canals in the root of the tooth and protecting the tooth in the mouth by taking its vitality.

Starting root canal treatment early is important for saving the tooth. When the aching tooth is neglected for a long time, the infection spreads to the surrounding tissues and the tooth is lost.

Previously, when an infection or inflammation progressed to the pulp (dental vascular nerve bundle) layer, the tooth was no longer salvageable and was pulled out. Recent developments allow the pulp layer of the tooth to be cleaned and refilled.

Although the pulp and the nerves inside are removed, the tooth fulfills its basic function. This is because the dental nerves are not of vital importance after the teeth emerge from the gums and take their final shape. The only function of dental nerves in adults is sensory functions such as feeling the sensation of heat and cold.

Root canal treatment takes place in a single session or in two sessions, depending on the damage to the tooth. If the infection in the tooth is very common, root canal treatment can be completed in three sessions. Root canal treatment is a procedure that takes an average of 1 hour.

The process in root canal treatment proceeds as follows:

  • In the first stage, the tooth is anesthetized (by giving a numbing medicine, eliminating the pain sensation and putting them to sleep) in order to avoid pain.
  • Then the decayed tooth is cleaned. The inflamed pulp (nerve) is removed. All nerve and tissue residues in the root canal are cleaned.
  • The canals are expanded up to the root tip and canal irrigation (washing) is performed with appropriate solutions.
  • If it is a root canal treatment that will last more than one session, the healing is accelerated by placing appropriate drugs in the canals and a temporary filling is placed on the tooth between sessions.
  • After healing, the canals are filled up to the root tip with special tissue-friendly canal fillers.
  • Spontaneous pain in the tooth,
  • Pain that increases at night and does not go away even with painkillers,
  • Prolonged continuation of pain triggered by an external factor such as cold, hot or tooth contact,
  • Swelling around the tooth, gingiva and/or associated lymph nodes
  • Fistula or tooth discoloration caused by infection of the tooth.

Root canal treatment is a treatment to relieve pain and save the tooth. Especially if there is pain or infection before the procedure, sensitivity may be felt in that tooth for a few days. This sensitivity or discomfort can usually be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen. Most patients return to their normal life the next day.

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