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Smile Design

The teeth and gums that affect the appearance due to various reasons can negatively affect the patient’s facial shape and smile. Smile makeover is a treatment method that can provide patients with as natural and beautiful appearance as possible with just a few operations.

Overview about Smile Design

Smile Design “Laugh or smile” is a physiological action and the most important communication tool that reveals clues related to the emotional status of each of us most clearly and it should be in harmony with the characteristic structure of individuals’ faces. For this reason, with “Smile Design”, all surgical procedures for teeth and gums, all interventions made for cosmetic reasons and al these treatments aimed at obtaining the most beautiful and the most aesthetic smile. With the “White dentistry”, the aesthetic appearance of the teeth is targeted with the applications on the teeth, while the “Gingival aesthetic” is aimed to give the gums an aesthetic appearance.

By evaluating the characteristic structure of the face; An individualized cosmetic smile is designed by aiming to harmony with looks, skin color, and lip structure. In our clinic, a beatiful smile is aimed for each patient through our treatment methods and technical infrastructure for smile design.

The treatment process is started to achieve smile design. Although this process contains series of treatments and operations, essentially it is an artistic process. With the beautiful and cosmetic smile, we created is an addition of beauty and an aesthetic touch to individuals’ life. To this end, we care the aesthetic smile as much as our patients care about their smiles.



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The goal in smile design is to create artificial teeth in natural-looking form and color that are compatible with the person’s face. Artificial teeth in exaggerated forms and colors, which are far from natural, are immediately noticed even by an amateur eye at first glance. Therefore, a meticulous preparation and planning phase is required in aesthetic dentistry.

To have a perfect, aesthetic smile, the tooth structure and alignment should be smooth and there should be no overlapping. The upper teeth should be highlighted and more prominent than the other teeth. Teeth should be sparkling and free of stains. Lips and gums should also be compatible with each other.

Clinical and Radiological Examination in Smile Design : Before proceeding to aesthetic solutions, a general oral and dental examination is performed to evaluate oral and dental health. The patient’s whole mouth x-ray [Panoramic X-ray] is taken and the way to be followed is decided.

The teeth and surrounding tissues are modeled by taking measurements from the upper and lower jaws. Evaluation is made on the smile design models.

Plus Images are obtained from every angle by taking photos of the face, smile, profile and mouth. The order of the tooth structure should be compatible with the face.

A good smile design with the golden ratio, harmonizing with the face; requires different applications for each patient. According to the needs of the person, many things such as the length of the teeth, the level of the gums, the color of the teeth, the distance between the teeth and the lips are taken into account. After the applied procedures, people get the magnificent smile they dream of.

In today’s conditions, while people are trying to catch up with life in a busy pace, one of the most curious issues about smile design is the treatment period.

The duration of the treatment planned for the individual may vary. Depending on the structure of the mouth and teeth, sometimes the treatment ends in a single session, while you may need to undergo several sessions of treatment depending on the situation.

Before going to the design stage, the physician examines the person and determines the existing problems. After the tooth alignment and oral health are provided, the design is carried out in a way that is suitable for the person. In other words, the duration of treatment is completely related to the oral health of the person.

Smile design will be the best decision you have made in your life so that you have a smile that will reflect your happiness in the best way in expert hands.

At the end of your journey, we wish you healthy days and hope that you can find not only your most beautiful smile, but also your friends and loved ones who make you smile in the most beautiful way.

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